Automatic Peeler



Cover Film Peeling Equipment for Printed Circuit Boards

ACPM650 automatically peels off mylar cover film that had been applied on dry-film photoresist surface of printed circuit boards before development.
ACPM650 peels off film on both sides of a board put in from the front-end process equipment and then sends the board to the developer.



Clean peel-off process

  • The peel-off process uses adhesive rollers, avoiding the use of air-blow, thus drastically reducing unwanted scattering of dry-film chips.
  •  A down-flow system using HEPA-filtered clean air can be applied. (optional)

No additional setup required for thin boards/thick boards (simplified)

  • The equipment does not need different setups for different thicknesses or sizes of boards.
  • Boards that failed in the peeling process are piled up in a defect stocker, which can store up to four boards.
  • Installation of ultrasonic sensors enables the equipment to detect whether or not film is completely peeled off.

The equipment can process very thin boards.

  • Board thickness capable of processing 0.025~3.2mm (board thickness)
  • Adapting a newly developed knurling mechanism with horizontal movement has facilitated the peeling process.
  • The end of a board at the input is mechanically chucked to prevent thin boards from being rolled into the adhesive roller, providing a solution to the perceived issue.
  • The conveyer mechanism has a smaller roller pitch, enabling stable transportation.

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