Message from Management

ADTEC aims at contributing to society, through manufacturing
that supports the evolution of electronics technology.

Electronics technologies have found their way into a wide variety of products we use in our daily lives—from personal computers and mobile phones to home appliances and audio/video products to automobiles. Electronics technologies have come into such ubiquitous use that we cannot do without them to live a convenient and comfortable life.

ADTEC Engineering is engaged in the development, manufacture, and sales of manufacturing equipment that supports the evolution of the electronics industry. Since 1991, we have been focusing on the development of automatic exposure equipments used to manufacture printed-circuit boards, and have become the leader in the field by expanding our lineup from full automatic contact exposure equipments to state-of-the-art digital exposure equipments.

Electronics technologies have been evolving at an accelerated pace, and their applications have unlimited room for expansion. In this day and age, ADTEC is committed to addressing the demands of the times, by developing products that utilize complex technologies that amalgamate a variety of different technologies around a core consisting of our unique “super-precision processing technology”—in areas such as electronics, optics, image processing, software, and mechanical control.

Since its foundation in 1983, ADTEC Engineering has been achieving a series of technological breakthroughs in product development and manufacturing processes. The company's name ADTEC is derived from ADvanced TECHnology to symbolize our commitment to "embracing our dreams and striving for the development of new technology." We will spare no effort to pursue new technology with the goal of helping enrich people's lives.

CEO, ADTEC Engineering Co., Ltd
Keizo Tokuhiro

Keizo Tokuhiro