Brush type cyclone cleaner



Enables adjustment of adsorption conveyor adsorption force
Adjust to optimum setting for board transport
A simple dry cleaner with just cyclone brush and dirt suction.





Supported board width 300-650mm
Supported board thickness Rigid board:0.04-3.2mm
Brush wire diam VSC:Approx 30µm
LSC:Approx 18-30µm
Brush RPM ***rpm(50Hz)
Dirt suction capacity 5㎥/min 1.5kPa (at 50Hz)
Filter: Min. 5µm, 99% collection
Reference pass line 895-945mm
Conveyor speed 0.6-3 or 1.8-6m/min
Utility AC100-110V 9A incl. dust collector
Connectable CDA for ionizer
Size W350×D1000×H1150mm
Weight Main body: 120㎏
Dust collector: 50㎏

Twin cyclone principle


What is a twin cyclone?

  • Twin brush configuration : two brushes in series one above the other.
  • Top and bottom brushes both rotate inwards regardless of product flow direction, preventing contaminants from escaping outside.
  • Contaminants swept to the inside of the brushes are efficiently sucked out through the dust collection hoses at top and bottom.
  • User-friendly design of cyclone head enables easy replacement of brush (cartridge type).

Ingenious, deceptively simple design



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1 Utility


  • AC100-110V 9A
  • Connection of CDA (Φ6) to ensure efficient static electricity removal.
  • Support for a variety of voltages.
    *Manufacturer option

2 Dust collector exhaust vent


* Manufacturer option
  • Support for connection to plant exhaust piping
  • Essential for use in clean rooms
  • Prepare duct of ID 125/150/200mm

3 Adsorption conveyor damper


Enables adjustment of adsorption conveyor adsorption force
Adjust to optimum setting for board transport.

4 Ionizers


Fitted as standard at top on exhaust side

Can be fitted at up to 4 positions
* Manufacturer option

5 Cyclone soft brush


[For VSC]
Comprehensive support for dust filter, deburring, etc.

[For LSC]
Effective at scraping out at up to L/S75µm

Original soft brush made of special fiber that does not even scratch gold-plated surfaces

6 V-shaped twin cyclones


  • Configuring cyclone heads in a V shape enables stable transport even with thin boards
  • Standard with gap adjuster for top and bottom brushes for board thickness of 0.04-3.2mm

7 Cyclone head


  • User-friendly design enables very easy brush replacement
  • Can be ordered in single units
    * Manufacturer option


  • Parts to enable processing of thin, fragile boards
    * Manufacturer option
  • Reduced entrainment in brush
  • One-touch desorption

8 Adsorption conveyor


  • Original adsorption belt and transport conveyor of polyurethane
  • Max. belt and roller electrostatic voltage of 50V

9 Unit for supporting warped boards


* Manufacturer option
  • Unit that supports boards with warpage up to 10 mm
  • Uses introduction drive belt method

10 Clear window


Enables operational state of system (e.g., inverter that controls dust collector, conveyor speed) visible from the outside


* Manufacturer option
Charge/discharge conveyor
L900, L615, L325 are available (L615 is fitted in photo)


* Manufacturer option
Pass line change
Support for 900-1,100mm


Equivalent capacity to 5 adhesive rollers in series

Contaminant removal capacity with adhesive rollers on flat surfaces is complemented by the brush follow-up in the grooves after pattern circuit formation.
It is particular good in terms of production run rate in AOI processes (reduction in false reports)

Reduced running cost


The only consumable parts are the 8 brushes, helping to reduce your costs.
(Brush replacement yardstick: 600-1,800h)

Effective for a variety of processes

Here are some examples of effective application of brush-type cyclone cleaners (VSC).

Process Example of effective application
Before dryfilm pasting Removes 96% or more of the dust that tends to degrade exposure.
Before exposure Removes 96% or more of the dust that tends to degrade exposure.
Before exposure Sharp drop in false reports with AOI, and synergistic effect up to stage between AOI and verification, with no stagnation boards.
Before roughening Sulfuric acid tank maintenance is needed at least 3 times less frequently.
After V-cutting/routing/drilling holes With clean rollers, adhesive film quickly became contaminated with cutting waste, and cleaning could not keep up. Switched to VSC for this reason.
Laminating paper cleaning Switched to VSC from water cleaning because it is equally effective. Cleaning is now possible any time. 98% or more of copper particles stuck on the paper surface are removed.
After laser marking, before water cleaning The phosphorus level in the water cleaning tank dropped sharply, so tank maintenance is needed at least 5 times less often.
Throughout pattern formation Up to L/S75µm The dust from crevices, which are difficult to clean using clean rollers, can be cleaned out effectively with VSC.

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