ADTEC Way・Management Philosophy




Management Philosophy

Code of Conduct

We hereby undertake to comply sincerely with all applicable laws and regulations, in accordance with our management philosophy and high ethical standards, and to strive to improve corporate value by making positive contributions to society through disciplined action and an elevated social consciousness.

    1. We will provide our customers with excellent products and thorough service, to secure their trust and ensure their satisfaction.
    2. We will act with sound judgement, complying with all applicable laws and regulations, social ethical norms, and the company rules that we have established.
    3. We will engage in fair, transparent, and free competition and in appropriate trading practices. We will also maintain healthy and normal relationships with political and administrative bodies.
    4. We will firmly oppose antisocial forces and organizations.
    5. In addition to appropriately managing company information, we will strive to communicate openly with our stockholders, other stakeholders, and more broadly with the whole of society, and we will disclose relevant company information at the appropriate time and in the appropriate way.
    6. We will actively strive for global environmental conservation, to contribute actively to society as a “good corporate citizen.”
    7. In our international business activities, we will not only comply with all applicable international rules and local laws, but also respect local cultures and customs, to ensure that we contribute to local development.
    8. We will ensure safe and user-friendly work environments, and also promote lively corporate cultures in which the human rights, individuality, and autonomy of workers are respected.
    9. In the event of any violation of this Code of Conduct, the senior management will declare their determination to solve the problem both within and outside the company, and then strive to determine the cause of the problem and to prevent its recurrence.
      In addition, senior management will promptly disclose accurate information to the public and hold themselves accountable, and after clarifying authority and responsibility, they will impose strict penalties on the offending parties, including themselves.

Each and every executive and employee of ADTEC will comply strictly with this Code of Conduct, and in their day-to-day work in the company they will make their very best efforts.
Senior management recognizes that its role is to realize the spirit of this Code of Conduct and it hereby declares its commitment to fulfilling this obligation.

Information Security Policy

ADTEC has formulated basic guidelines on information security, with the aim of ensuring compliance with internal company rules and promoting appropriate information management and utilization, in order to fulfill its management philosophy and contribute to the development of society.
On the basis of these guidelines, ADTEC will strive to improve information security and aim at becoming a secure and stable company that is trusted by all of its customers and other stakeholders.

    1. Scope of application
      These guidelines will apply to all information possessed by the company for work purposes and to all persons who use this information in any way.
    2. Compliance with laws and regulations and internal company rules
      In addition to complying with all applicable information security-related laws, regulations, rules and other norms, ADTEC will establish and maintain internal company rules and ensure compliance with all such requirements by all persons who use, in any way, information possessed by the company.
    3. Information security system
      ADTEC will appoint an information administrator for each company department and establish a system capable of ensuring that the state of information security at all levels of the company is accurately monitored and that countermeasures can be implemented rapidly whenever necessary.
    4. Management system for subcontractors
      If any information is handled outside the company by a subcontractor, ADTEC will implement screening measures sufficient to ensure the trustworthiness of the subcontractor. To ensure that there is no leaking of information from the premises of the subcontractor, the subcontractor will be required to implement security measures equivalent or better than those of ADTEC.
    5. Ensuring the safety of information assets
      To ensure the safety of its information assets, ADTEC will take all measures necessary to minimize the risks that information is damaged, leaked, modified, lost, or destroyed.
    6. Revising information security policy
      ADTEC will continuously review and improve all the measures described above, in response to changes in laws and regulations and in social conditions.