Efforts for Environment and Quality



In response to the needs and expectations of our customers, we implement a strict quality management system by adopting the motto, “Focus on improving product reliability.”

In July 2006, ADTEC Engineering gained ISO 14001 certification, an internationally recognized standard for Environmental Management Systems, as part of its strategy to reduce environmental impacts throughout its corporate activities as a factory automation manufacturer, from design through production and service provision, thereby promoting environmental management. The company will continue to make improvements by incorporating more environmental protection activities into its business plan.

Environmental Policies (Activity Guidelines)

Our company efforts to reduce the environmental load as FA system manufacturer through all company activities of the design, production, and service.
The action agenda to achieve this environmental policy is shown below.

  1. It tries to observe other claims postulateds that the regulations system, the ordinance, the agreement, and our company concerning the environment agreed to and to prevent pollution.
  2. An environmental purpose and the target are set within a technically and economically possible range, and managed.。
    • Development of ecologically friendly product
    • Promotion of waste reduction and conservation of energy
    • Management of negative environmental impact chemical
  3. To achieve this environmental policy, the consideration improvement concerning environmental preservation is attempted by executing well-known and the environmental education of the policy to all workers.

Quality Policies

Based on our creed, "Quality is dignity," we continually provide our customers with products, services, and solutions to ensure their satisfaction and trust.

Efforts for quality

Japan Quality Assurance Organization (JQA) is an organization specializing in council and registration services for the international standards ISO9001/ISO14001and management system standards regarding automobile, electrical communications product, aerospace-related product, and food manufacturing industries as well as corporate occupational safety and health and information securities. We acquired ISO9001 certification among these items. Acquisition of ISO9001 proves that we possess the management system required to continually supply products and services that meet customers' requirements and operate the system thoroughly based on the ISO standards, which verify the adequacy of system implementation.