Alignment marking device



Double-sided Alignment Marker for Inner Layers
AMRK1000 / AMRK2000(Large Size)

This system uses UV exposure to create alignment marks on the DFR of inner layer boards without reference holes.
The system eliminates the need for reference hole processing, which is essential with single-sided to reversed single-sided exposure systems.


Eliminates reference hole process (thru-holes) for inner layer boards.

  • It is set up directly in front of the exposure system and irradiates the DFR (dry film resist) laminated on the board with UV to create the reference marks.
  • Avoids marking errors caused by burrs formed during reference hole processing, thereby enabling marking in clean environments.

Existing process flowの画像

Illustration of operation


Main specifications

Item specifications Remarks
Marking method Marking by UV-LED
LED wavelength 405nm
Numbers of marks 4 marks (2 on top and reverse side×2 in back and front side)
Repeat accuracy of the mark position ±0.5mm Variability in pre-alignment
Repeat accuracy of the position of surface and reverse marks ±10μm Variability in the position of the marks both surface and reverse sides
Pass line height 950±50mm
Weight 100kg

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