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Notice of "Expansion of Production Capacity" at the Nagaoka Plant


ADTEC is pleased to announce it has entered into a sale agreement for a property on September 28, 2020 for the Nagaoka Plant (Nagaoka City, Niigata Prefecture) that will expand the production capacity of the company’s products with its existing buildings and future construction of a new factory.


This expansion is in response to the increase in the worldwide demand for lithography equipment market. This demand has been steadily growing in recent years in response to the evolution of a wide range of circuit formation technologies, including PCBs and back-end semiconductor processes such as packaged boards, driven by the spread of the high-speed communication standard 5G and the expansion of data centers. This brought on the challenge to ramp up the production capacity by enlarging  the size of lithography equipment to meet the demand.


Additionally, the company will also need to expand the production space for the development of the Factory Automation equipment to meet the demand by the various industries looking for ways to improve productivity and efficiencies with their manufacturing processes.


The addition of the newly acquired existing buildings will expand the production capacity of the mainstay Direct Imaging Exposure System to approximately 1.4 times the current level.


The new construction’s factory will focus solely on one of the company’s founding core missions for the special precision machining technologies. It will build a production system for key core components in the EUV business.(*1) This has been a priority for the Ushio Group to continue to develop and expand the next-generation semiconductor manufacturing process.



- Notes -


1. Overview of Acquired Properties (Land and Buildings)

(1) Address:                        392-1, Mishimashimbo, Nagaoka-shi, Niigata, Japan

(2) Site Area:                       14,970m2

(3) Floor space of existing buildings:    4,410 m2

(4) Production to be manufactured:      Direct Imaging Exposure System and various Factory Automation equipment


2. Outline of the new plant (to be constructed on the above site)

(1) Floor space of new buildings:         2,000 m2

(2) Final completion:                          Around spring 2022

(3) Production to be manufactured:      Key components of EUV light source for mask inspection, etc.


Contact for further information

              ADTEC Engineering Co., Ltd.

Administrative Department

Tel. +81-258-42-3111 Fax. +81-258-42-3114

       From the website, please send it from the inquiry page.



(*1) The Ushio Group's EUV Business

As a mass production technique for highly miniaturized next-generation semiconductors, the practical application of EUV photolithography using extreme ultraviolet light (EUV) of 13.5nm is waited for, but in order to realize this, it is essential to establish an inspection technique for inspecting and extracting defects of a high-definition mask. The company has developed a "EUV light source for mask inspection" that inspects the mask, and ADT is responsible for manufacturing the main core components of the EUV light source.


EUV light source for mask inspection equipment (from web site of Ushio, Inc.)             

Because EUV is difficult to penetrate substances, reflecting mirrors rather than lenses are used in optical systems.

The mask blank of the reflective optical system is a repeatedly stacked Mo/Si structure. If a fault occurs,

Since the pattern is distorted, the confirmation of the presence or absence of defects is essential for the mass production process of the next generation semiconductor.                 

Please visit Ushio website for more details.

■ Reference

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